I think often of the “Angels” that provided care for my mother who passed over 10 years ago. They were and continue to be dedicated, loving professionals caring for those in need and supporting their family and friends.

The care provided was highly skilled and compassionate by all disciplines: nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, music therapists, and volunteers. It is evident that they do this work because they are strongly committed to having a very positive impact on patient/family end-of-life experiences.

My father was in hospice care. It felt relaxing and calm as soon as we walked in the area on the 4th floor. All team members were gracious and kind. It was overwhelming for me to be by myself and they made me feel supported. Overall, great experience with hospice. You are truly angels!

All of those who came to the house was wonderful! They were encouraging, sympathetic, great listeners, and our lifesavers! We knew help was a phone call away if we had questions, and didn’t feel alone.

The nurses that she had in the 4 days she was there were very courteous and compassionate. I saw tears in their eyes when she passed away.

Every person in the Care Center is an Angel. There will never be adequate words to convey our feelings in the care and compassion you ministered.

I have had this hospice agency help with both of my parents and excellent care, warmth, and love from all. Special people do what they do!

My mother’s entire team was loving and compassionate and did their job well. We are forever grateful for the care she received.

The staff will forever be etched in our family’s heart. Our family was blessed with the last few weeks of our loved one’s life while at their facility. They allowed our family to have very cherished and memorable days in which have helped us through our grieving process. The care our loved one received from each of their staff members will never be forgotten.