The Women’s Giving Circle is a welcoming circle of women who combine their resources to support the mission and goals of EverHeart Hospice and strengthen all agency departments through funding unprecedented projects and opportunities.

What does it do?

The Women’s Giving Circle provides a rewarding experience for both donors and funding recipients by creating a greater ability to make a difference by combining financial resources with other women. The Women’s Giving Circle also provides opportunities for personal involvement in decision making—allowing input to guide how your dollars are used.

How does it work?

Funds generated from Women’s Giving Circle memberships are dedicated to agency projects and opportunities. As a group, members decide annually which projects to fund based on proposals submitted by various agency departments.

How are funds for agency projects and opportunities awarded?

Each year employees are invited to submit proposals for projects or opportunities that need funding assistance. Proposals will be shared with the entire Women’s Giving Circle to review and determine funding at the annual meeting. The Women’s Giving Circle will announce grant awards.

Will there be opportunities for Women’s Giving Circle members to meet together?

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to meet together as a group and to hear from various agency departments that receive funding through The Women’s Giving Circle. The Women’s Giving Circle annual meeting is held each fall. This meeting is when members will review grant applications and allocate funds.

How can I become a member of the Women's Giving Circle?

Membership is on an annual basis and begins with a pledge of $1,000 annually. EverHeart Hospice requests gifts to The Women’s Giving Circle be in addition to your traditional annual giving and are tax-deductible.

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