Sometimes there can be events that occur in a community where extra support may be needed.

EverHeart Hospice provides community schools with specialized bereavement services in times of a tragic event or loss of a student or staff member. We offer one-on-one support as well as grief groups in the schools. We are also available for anticipatory support for the students and staff.

In addition, EverHeart Hospice offers individualized support for students and staff that may be struggling with their own grief.

Children’s Grief Awareness Day:

On the third Thursday of every November, we acknowledge the profound grief and loss that children can experience following the death of a friend or loved one by observing Children’s Grief Awareness Day. EverHeart Hospice raises awareness of the unique needs of grieving children by providing resources for them and their families. The grief of a child differs from the grief of an adult mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and even spiritually. This day is a chance to equip children and their parents with the tools they need to process their emotions and honor their experiences and their deceased loved ones.

We are proud to partner with Greenville City Schools to work with the students in our own community who have experienced grief and loss. Information and resources are provided not just to the students, but also to the staff of Greenville Elementary and Middle School. Activities on this day include exploring and identifying feelings associated with grief and healthy ways to regulate these emotions.

We encourage you to check out the children’s book One Wave at a Time as well as Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt’s Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens, both of which explore healthy ways to manage complicated feelings associated with grief and loss.

For additional information and resources, there are many organizations that have a variety of resources that can be utilized by children and their families. These organizations include The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and The National Alliance for Children’s Grief, just to name a few. Our hope is that this day can serve to help our children not just today, but throughout the remainder of the year.

Let us help

If you feel you or someone in your school could benefit from EverHeart Hospice’s bereavement services, please contact our team at 800.417.7535.