Hospice care can be paid for in a variety of ways. Our services can be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, private pay, our charity care program, or any combination of these methods.

EverHeart Hospice will never turn anyone away due to their inability to pay.

Payment Methods


Medicare covers hospice services in full, with no copay or deductibles due. 


Medicaid covers hospice services as well as room and board fees of a nursing facility. 

Private Insurance

Most private insurance plans will cover hospice services. However, copays and deductibles are required to be met. Insurance may pay differently and have different copays based on in-network or out of network status for EverHeart Hospice. Prior authorization from the insurance company is often required. 

Private Pay

Out-of-pocket costs for hospice services will be the patient’s responsibility.

Inability to Pay

EverHeart Hospice will never turn a patient away due to the inability to pay. EverHeart Hospice is thankful to be able to offer a charity care program. This program is available for those patients who are unable to pay for hospice services. If a patient or family requests consideration for our charity care program, an application will be completed. The application assesses the income of the patient and is generally completed upon admission. The Finance Director then reviews the application against the program’s income thresholds. An approved application could cover 100% of the hospice services or be approved for a discount on the services. 

Excluded Services

Hospice does not cover all medical services. Only services directly related to our Hospice Care will be covered. For example, hospice does not cover emergency department visits without prior hospice approval, tests ordered by physicians that are non-related to Hospice Care, specialized treatments, or procedures non-related to the Hospice Care.

Let us help

It is important for the patient or patient’s family to reach out whenever there is a concern or question about what is considered a covered service. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.