EverHeart Hospice is currently a Level One Hospice Partner with the national We Honor Veterans Program. The WHV national program states that “By recognizing the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families, community providers, in partnership with VA staff, will learn how to accompany and guide them through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending. The goal of the program is to care for and honor those who have served when they reach the end of life.”

EverHeart Hospice offers veteran pinning ceremonies to any veteran on our program. When patients start our hospice services, we identify with the patient or their family if they have served and are veterans. We also work to identify the patient’s branch of service to provide them with a personalized ceremony. 

These ceremonies are performed by a special group of volunteers that are fellow veterans. The ceremonies consist of presenting the patient with a leather-bound folder that holds a personalized certificate with the patient’s name and the branch of service they were in, a special pin that our volunteer pins on the patient, and a salute. Our volunteers will also discuss the patient’s time in service and their experiences if the patient wishes. We also offer special ceremonies throughout the year that are open to the community, including Memorial Day and Veterans Day. 

EverHeart Hospice’s We Honor Veterans Program gives patients that have served our country honor and dignity, as we thank them for their service and provide them with the recognition they deserve.


Learn more about the WHV national program. You may also be interested in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Crisis Line.



If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer to assist with our We Honor Veterans Program, we’re happy to provide more information.

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