EverHeart Hospice Announces New “Compassion Coordinator”

October 7, 2022

EverHeart Hospice is proud to announce their newest “team member,” Everett Beary, who will serve as the agency’s Compassion Coordinator. Everett will be helping the team at EverHeart Hospice fulfill its mission of honoring life with trusted care.

Everett is originally from Teddy, Kentucky, and has relocated to Greenville to learn more about Hospice Care and how it can help patients and families. His family includes his wife, Cicely, and children, Daryl and Parker.

Everett’s previous experience includes working with hospital patients and helping to bring smiles to their faces. He is excited to be part of the EverHeart Hospice team to help every patient live their best life, even through their final moments. His hobbies include listening to music and learning to play new instruments.

Looking at the picture, you may have noticed that Everett Beary is not your typical employee. In fact, Everett is a stuffed bear!

The idea for the Compassion Coordinator came when the Business Development team was looking for a fun way to show the community more about our organization. We encourage you to follow EverHeart Hospice on social media and watch as our new “employee,” Everett, begins his career with EverHeart Hospice.

Through his career, we will share information about our organization and the services we provide to our patients and families. Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to watch his journey!