EverHeart Hospice Welcomes Hospice Aide

September 27, 2022

EverHeart Hospice is pleased to welcome Kerstin Breece to their care team. Breece joins the agency as a hospice aide. Breece graduated from Van Wert High School. She received her STNA in 2018 and, in 2021, earned her CPR, Medication Administration, and non-violent crisis certifications.  

Hospice is a unique part of healthcare. Breece chose this field to be able to give families and patients support, compassion, and comfort.  

“I love helping others, and hospice allows time for one-on-one care to ensure needs are met,” Breece shared.   

Seeing how family and patient-oriented the agency is led her to join EverHeart specifically. She also looks forward to the collaboration and involvement between families, communities, and nursing homes that she will experience working with hospice.  

In her spare time, Breece enjoys thrifting and looking for vintage finds, and being with her family and fiancé. She also loves all things plants- learning about them, drawing them, and of course, buying them. Breece is the owner of a pet bulldog named Posie and two pet cats, Sampson and Salem.  

“I am excited to be part of the team and be able to make a difference,” added Breece.