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Igniting a Spark for Hospice Music Therapy

January 5, 2022

Since the beginning of their music therapy program in 2006, EverHeart Hospice has offered music therapy services to hundreds of patients and families. Their board-certified music therapists passionately work to demonstrate and educate others on the benefits of music intervention during end-of-life.  In October, EverHeart music therapist Carrie Whatley…

40th Anniversary | Hospice

EverHeart Hospice Provides Lasting Legacies

December 23, 2021

Throughout the past 40 years, EverHeart Hospice has cared for over 16,800 patients and their families. Each day their care team members help fulfill EverHeart’s vision of being the prominent hospice for an exceptional and individualized end-of-life experience. One of the many ways they carry out…

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